Fertigation System

  Fertile Earth Feeder

Fertigator Mojo

EZ Flow 2.5

What’s the list Price?




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What is the tank Size?

1-55 gallons, easily connects to any size storage tank. Is usually attached to Fertile Earth's  1 or 2.5 gallon jugs.

3 Gallons

2.5 Gallons 

What is the refill Procedure?

Step 1:  Disconnect the spent jug of fertilizer. 

Step 2: Connect the new jug of Liquid Life Formula.  

Step 3: Hold down the red vent cap and prime the siphon chamber if necessary. No mixing , no pouring no mess. Refills can be  done in about  10 seconds. 

Step 1: Close valves to isolate Fertigator from the water main.
Step 2:  Open  the drain valve at the base of the unit to drain the water out.

Step 3: Remove tank cap.

Step 4:  Close the drain valve

Step 5: Fill the fertilizer chamber.
Step 6:  Close the cap on the Fertigator

 Step 7: Open valves to allow water from the main line to pressurize the Fertigator.
Step 1: Turn off both the water in and fertilizer out shut off valves.

Step 2: Disconnect tubing from both valves by pressing the disconnect washer into the ring at the end of the valve, on the valve tubing connection closest to the tank cap and pulling the tubing from the valve.

Step 3: Remove tank cap by unscrewing it in a counter clockwise direction.

Step 4: Pour all but 2" of water from the tank.

Step 5: For maximum performance of your system,. Pour the recommended amount of dry fertilizer directly into the tank ( funnel recommended ).

No need to premix dry fertilizer

Step 6 - Fill until full using the water to liquefy and mix the fertilizer. Fill until water begins to run out of the tank neck to ensure all air is eliminated.

Step 7 - Screw cap on tank by turning in a clockwise direction. (Do not over tighten cap)

Step 8 - Replace disconnect washer on the tubing connected to the tap.

Step 9 - Connect tubing to shut off valve by pressing it firmly into the open end of the valve. Turn both valves to the ON position.

Can you adjust the  Feed Rate?

Yes, with the installation of a throttle valve, the feed rate can be adjusted from 5000:1 to 20,000:1 (1” throttle valve assemble 19.95) The ProFeeder is designed to provide a consistent slow feed for optimal plant nutrition. There is rarely a need to  adjust the feed rate. 

Yes,1/5 - 1 oz. fertilizer per minute.

Yes,15,000:1 “Slow setting” to 400:1 “Fast setting” (actual feed rate is difficult to determine due to the ongoing dilution of the fertilizer).

Does the system provide a consistent feed rate?

Yes, the metered injection mechanism provides a consistent  feed rate that automatically adjusts to the flow rates of each zone.

No, since the fertilizer injections are based on timed intervals the feed rate fluctuates with flow rates.  Zones with high  water flow  get a lower  dosage of  fertilizer than those with low flow.

No, the feed rate fluctuates as the fertilizer in the tank is diluted by circulating water in the fertilizer storage tank.

Often times when gardeners have a need  to change fertilizer formulations i.e. they detect Iron chlorosis or they have just planted new annuals and want to apply a fertilizer with additional phosphorus, how difficult is it to change fertilizers?

Simply change jugs, you can even do it while the sprinklers are running.

This is a pain - see refill procedures and ad the step of extracting fertilizer out of the fertilizer chamber.

This is an even bigger pain - see refill procedures but in step 4 completely empty the chamber, you won’t know how much fertilizer is in the water so don’t dump it on the landscape. Since the tank is now empty mix a slurry of your new formulation and add it to the tank.

How do I know how much fertilizer is left in the system?

Look in the jug.

You don’t.

You don’t.

How can I tell if the system is working?

For a visual confirmation, watch the siphon chamber for  drops of fertilizer or disconnect the “quick connect” from the fertilizer jug and you’ll see air being drawn through the feed line.

You don’t.

You don’t.

Can the system be used on main lines other than  1”?

The system has a 1” inlet and outlet. It is a flow based system and can be scaled to any sized line or  flow rate with an injection bypass loop. Allow 1 feeder for every 35 G.P.M

Can be adapted to larger main lines with a modified inline coupling

Can be adapted to larger main lines with a modified inline coupling

Does the system cause pressure loss

With the blue nozzle (the most common configuration) there is no detectable pressure loss until the flow rate exceeds 17 G.P.M. At 20 GPM the pressure loss is 1 P.S.I. A properly designed irrigation system  will not flow more than 20 G.P.M with a 1” main line.  

The Mojo is a ventury based injector that requires a pressure differential in order to function. The pressure loss is approximately 1 P.S.I.

The EZ flow is a ventury based injector that requires a pressure differential in order to function. The pressure loss is approximately 1 P.S.I.