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Welcome to SmarterYard

Welcome to SmarterYard, the place where landscape contractors and modern gardeners find innovative landscaping products. SmarterYard customers enjoy automatic water conservation, automatic pest control, automatic fertilization, space saving vertical gardens, solar lighting, solar water features, earth friendly fertilizers, natural pest control products and more.


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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY is the place to find landscaping products that automate gardening tasks in ways that are better for the environment, more convenient for gardeners, and better for your plants.

Smarter Yards conserve time, water and money.  

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Fertilize through Your Sprinklers

SmarterYard searches the globe to find innovative companies with cutting edge landscaping products. The ProFeeder from ProProducts is a good example.  The Feeder is a hydro-powered device that will automatically fertilize and repel pests from your landscape through your sprinklers. SmarterYard is also a leader in the development of slow apply fertilizers and all natural pest repellents.

We've also developed  water conservation landscaping products. Adding a ProMeter to your irrigation system eliminates the guess work of when and how much to water. The same way a thermostat regulates the temperature in your home, the ProMeter regulates the soil moisture in your yard. The ProMeter has documented water savings of up to 60% (typical water savings are 25-30%). carries inovative products at the industry's best prices.  If you are an irrigation or landscape contractor apply for a contractor's account for additional savings.

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